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Our meetings offer discussions, keynotes featuring industry experts, and networking opportunities. We help you build the connections you need to raise your professional profile and achieve greater career success. Bring your business cards.

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This group is designed to be a hub for like-minded business women to connect, collaborate and inspire each other. The power of community can propel you to the next level in your professional journey. Here, you'll find the dedicated support you need to reach your career goals. Come join us, let's rise together! 

“I’ve been a part of too many networking groups in the past that have focused mainly on members selling their businesses to other members. I'm happy to say that Stephanie Munson has created a networking group that has, instead, attracted some of the most inspirational, caring, and supportive women in the community whose intent is to help other women learn and grow and become successful in their own businesses. Instead of cliques you'll meet warm and friendly women who want to know about you and how they can help you overcome whatever obstacles you may be facing in moving your business forward. I highly recommend you join this group and discover how much you have to give as well as receive!”

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“This incredible group of motivated, intelligent and successful women has been an inspiration to me.  The meetings are informative and there's at least one, if not more, who knows the answer to my current question. No nonsense, no cliques just open dialogue and great meetings. I highly recommend joining and participating, it is a great investment of you're fine and attention.”

Nancy Cooper Wood


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This is a space for you to connect, collaborate and give/receive the support you need on this entrepreneurial journey. Membership is FREE and you will receive monthly emails about upcoming events and news. 

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Provide a community of business women to connect, collaborate and give/receive the support they need on this entrepreneurial journey. 

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